Proper Shed Organization

Backyard sheds do a great job providing homeowners with the storage space they need to house items such as equipment, tools, and decorations. In addition to these common uses, backyard sheds also provide homeowners with various recreational uses such as man caves of she sheds.

Yet, while the potential is there, many homeowners underutilize their backyard sheds because of poor planning or faulty organization. Sheds don’t require constant upkeep, however, if certain aspects are neglected, homeowners run the risk of not getting the best return on their investment.

yellow shed with shingled roof and green shudders

Getting the Most out of Your Shed – What You Should Consider

Walking Space: Homeowners don’t often think of sheds as having hallways, however in order to ensure maximum functionality you need to be able to move around. No one wants to move countless boxes, tools, etc. just to reach their lawnmower. To prevent this, homeowners should look to hang as many items on their shed walls as possible. Basic upgrades such as wall hangers or stand-alone shelves are great because they don’t cost much yet provide the organization that you most likely need.

Ceiling Storage: Optimal shed organization isn’t just a matter of playing Tetris with your tools and equipment on the floor and walls, it’s also taking advantage of under-utilized spaces like your shed’s ceiling. Items such as extension cords, garden hoses, and a variety of tools can be stored by adding wall hangers to connecting beams inside your shed. Additionally, items such as fishing rods, pole saws, and rakes can be stored in the ceiling of a shed with the proper connecting beams added to the interior.

Pest Control: If you choose to store organic material in your shed that pests could potentially feed on, it’s important that all containers remain sealed. Even if your shed windows and doors always remain closed, pests will make it a priority to get inside if they manage to pick up certain scents. It goes without saying that a pest problem inside your shed is very undesirable.


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