Outdoor Pergolas for Sale in MD

The refreshment of nature is waiting—in your backyard. All you need to unwind and enjoy family and friends is the time-honored pergola. At Beiler’s Structures, we provide quality pergolas for sale that offer the style and comfort you desire, coupled with the long-lasting durability of Amish workmanship. Our pergolas for sale are available in multiple styles and materials and are sure to be the perfect compliment to any outdoor living space.

Wood Pergolas

Wood pergolas, like their vinyl counterparts, are built to last. Made by expert craftsmen using pressure-treated woods with protective stains or paints, our wood pergolas provide years of worry-free enjoyment. Create the perfect outdoor retreat—one that will stand up to the elements season after season, while adding value to your home. Invite your loved ones over, and enjoy.

Vinyl Pergolas

Today’s vinyl is a high-quality product that’s strong, durable and beautiful. The best part? Very little maintenance is required to keep your vinyl pergola clean and fresh looking year after year—just mild soap and water does the trick. Plus, because our vinyl is made from 50% recycled materials using nonpolluting manufacturing methods, you can feel good about more than just the beauty of your vinyl pergola… You can know that you’re helping protect the environment, too.

Pergola Designs

Why Should You Consider a Backyard Pergola?

Backyard pergolas are ideal for homeowners looking to enhance their backyard with both increased living space and added exterior beauty. They’re are great because they function as an additional room that lets you enjoy the outdoors in a way you otherwise would not have been able to. With a backyard pergola, you can host social gatherings, relax in the shade, and explore endless creative possibilities.

  • Pergolas combine well with other structures. When it comes to integrating a pergola into your backyard, the options are almost endless, whether you have a patio, deck, or an open plot of land, a pergola is a great addition to any fixture or setup. Where ever they’re added, a pergola will provide added shade and atmosphere that you and your loved ones will enjoy.
  • Backyard pergolas offer plenty of creative options for gardeners and plant lovers alike. Both vinyl and wood pergolas look great by themselves, but many homeowners find that plant life can greatly enhance their pergola’s appearance. By letting vines and other plants grow throughout your pergola, you give it a natural look that pairs well with any lawn and contrasts nicely with trees or any woodland features.
  • Pergolas serve as great places to host outdoor dinners and social get-togethers. The atmosphere that a pergola creates coupled with the feeling of being outside on a nice spring, summer, or fall day is truly unmatched. When you upgrade your outdoor living space with a backyard pergola, you’ll create the ideal social space that will become the envy of your friends and family.

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